General characteristics and Woods

The body is entirely in Basswood, black painted, except the Top, painted with an elegant gold color, that we have already seen on some old Les Paul. The Top thickness is 42 mm high. The neck is in Maple, much beautiful, with a graphite reinforcement and a Maple keyboard. Frets, 22, are medium size but they do not appear perfectly finished, on the edges. The neck finishing is satin. For someone it can be an optimal choice, for others not. In these cases it always depends of the taste of everybody. The neck, in its starting part, appears rounded, while then, as it approaches the headstock, it begins to flatten and it gives, at first sight, an optimal feel. The headstock is of small dimensions, behind inclined, black painted with the Peavey gilded serigraphy. It is easy to notice the inscription, cream-coloured. The headstock owns a triangular profile with the summit that is well smoothed and a groove that exposes the wood. The instrument turns out a bit heavy but very balanced.


Schaller, 3 + 3. The Truss-rod regulation is very visible at the neck base. The insertion of the neck in the body has been perfectly realized. There are not visible spaces and the two pieces are perfectly assembled. The bridge is branded Peavey, but realized on Floyd Rose license and is equipped of an untuner to play in the Van Halen style. It could not lack in this model. Everything works perfectly and the tuning turns out accurate. The bridge is well fixed to the body, also with a wood thickness and an anchorage with three springs. Let's see the controls. There are two potentiometers, shielded, one for the tone and one for the volume. The switch is to three positions. When the lever is towards the bottom, the switch inserts the neck pickup, while when the lever is up it inserts the bridge pickup. Generally we find the contrary, but, we know, Van Halen loves to distinguish himself. Around the two pickups there is not the usual plastic frame that we see on other guitars, but they are assembled directly on the wood.


It is present, with the high and middle frequencies much in evidence, while basses turns out less defined, but the tone, however, owns a warm and pleasant sound. It does not seem to own an exceptional dynamics, while, instead, the sustain is good. It is much defined, basses are deep, with the high and medium frequencies that stand out in the general context. The wood answers well and produces a natural and full-bodied sound. Perhaps, for this reason, the riff seems to be the natural destiny of the Wolfgang. As a whole this electric guitar reflects the Van Halen personality. Perhaps it is less explosive than the name says, but just for this, it is more versatile. It's possible, in fact, to obtain a valid clean, not only good distortions.

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