Axis Super Sport

Axis Super Sport

Versatile, but the sound is too much dark

The good project and a valid electronics make it very versatile and capable to play various musical genres. Well, it is not for Metal, but it can play Jazz, Rock, Blues, Country and so on. Yes, it's not all perfect. The neck pickup is a bit too much dark and the bridge pickup it's not a cannon. As a whole, the tone is too much dark, but it depends on your taste and a good amp can solve the problem. If you are looking for a very brilliant sound perhaps this Ernie Ball instrument isn't for you.
However, the quality is very good, the only problem is the tone, but it is a personal thing.
The clean is very valid, a bit dark like we have said, but rich in harmonics and with an excellent sustain, while the distortion turns out very flexible. The versatility is certainly the main characteristic.

The custom version

It is produced also in a custom version with a piezo in the bridge. The magnetic and piezo pickups can be used alone or combined, and the signal can be sent to a single output or to 2 outputs.

Colors and electronics

The top comes in 18 different colors. The body is always black. In the image below we can see the bridge, a standard model, the tremolo version is optional, and the pickups. Music Man, for this instrument, chose two DiMarzio Custom humbuckers and two MM90 single-coils with a patented system which reduces hum. In addition we can see the knobs for volume and tone, and the selector with 5 possible positions.

Humbuckers, single-coils and bridge.

General opinion

It can be a valid choice. In some circumstances the tone is a bit too much dark, but perhaps it depends on the amp that has been used for the test. With a different setup things can change. The price, about 2.600 euros, is important, perhaps a bit excessive. Anyhow, the Music Man Axis Super Sport is certainly an excellent electric guitar, like always when we speak about instruments built by this company, and in some specific contexts it can be really a good choice.

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