General characteristics

Beautiful instrument. Strong and clear. The body is in Basswood, with the Top made of two pieces of flaming Maple, much bright, approximately with a thickness of half centimeter. The neck is in one piece, in Maple. The small headstock is equipped with Schaller mechanisms, 4 + 2. The 22 medium frets are well realized, polished and optimally finished on the edges. The headstock presents a lucid finish till under the strings lockout. The neck owns a rounded section and flattens towards the last frets. The neck is fast, much comfortable and suitable for a Modern Rock, of moderate size. The neck and the fretboard are much fluent and fast and there are not obstacles till the 22th fret. The body and the neck are joined with a metallic plate, with five screws. The bridge is a Gotoh, Floyd Rose licensed, with brass inertial block and two springs, while the lever is fixed through an allen screw.

Hardware and Electronics

Let's see the controls. It's present a single knob, for the volume, cream-coloured. It is equipped with two DiMarzios. The power is really remarkable, and the acoustic tone is rather cracking and produces a distorted much winning. It is warm, compact and much present, with much powerful lows and high frequencies in evidence, with a good quantity of middle frequencies. A bit for the pickups power, a bit for the woods quality, the sustain is really long and persistent and gives great satisfactions. Certainly, all this power becomes a limit in the moment in which you want a clean sound. The tone is, in fact, much dry and a bit acid, a quality for the distortion, but reason of several problems for clean sounds.

Small details

It's nice to see the shielding inside the cavity of the electronics. Also the paint of the springs drawer is well realized. These are small details, often little considered, but very important. The hardware is chromium-plated and the Truss Rod adjusting is to the base of the neck, much comfortable and easy for the set up.

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