Features and Finish

It is a Steve Vai signature model. Body is in Alder, with a Maple neck and a Rosewood fingerboard. Neck belongs to the Prestige Series. It is fast, comfortable and provides an easy access to all the notes on the fretboard. 24 frets with pearl inlays, like always, on the JEM Series, with a floral design. The bridge is the well-known Edge, with a cavity that easily allows pitches to be increased or lowered without problems. Finish is white, also for the pickguard, and hardware is gold plated.


3 DiMarzio Evolution

DP158 (Neck)

This is an humbucker with a ceramic magnet. It has been designed just for Steve Vai. It is loud and fat.

DPS1 (Middle)

Single-coil. Ceramic magnet. It has been planned to produce a bright and clean tone and it turns out very versatile. With this pickup, a good Delay and some other effect, you can play everything. The tone will always satisfy you. It's sure. It is amazing and capable to produce a much pleasant sound, bright and definite.

DP159 (Bridge)

Humbucker with ceramic magnet. The signal is much loud and aggressive. Perfect for high-gain distortions and with a great sustain.



The sound is bright and much clean. The JEM7V turns out much versatile and can play from Jazz to Metal without problems.

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