For the Rock

A serious thing. Black, aggressive, with the glossy headstock that gives it an elegant and determined character at the same time, much modern.

Neck and keyboard

The neck is a Super Wizard, much flattened in the section and with a Maple fretboard of generous dimensions, with a glued and inclined headstock. It is really fast and flowing, with a beautiful satin finish.
The scale of the instrument is 25 and ½, like on the Fender Stratocaster. The radius of curvature of the keyboard flattens towards the first frets. Frets are of generous size, Jumbo, well finished.


The wood of the fretboard is the Rosewood, of high quality, rather compact, staggered from some plastic position marks, really beautiful. The body is in Basswood and reminds the RG Series, always by Ibanez. It is very balanced and weighs approximately 3,5 kg. It's not just a feather!


The hardware is sealed type. The bridge is the beautiful Lo-pro Edge, Floyd Rose licensed, perfect and well made. The pickups are DiMarzio.

It can be rather flexible

From an acoustic point of view this guitar owns a lively sonority, clear and balanced, and a good sustain. The distortion points out a tone, on the low frequencies, truly extraordinary, with a very defined sound, everything stretched out forward. The neck pickup carries out its functions perfectly and, in the solos, it perfectly develops all the notes, so that they appear very clear and defined. The bridge pickup is simply devastating, with its load of middle that seems infinite. Also not being particularly shining, it produces an extensive range of harmonics, with an incredible sustain. The tone turns out original and rewarding. Passing to the clean, at the beginning it is disappointing, since it appear, at first sight, cold and metallic, with much intrusive basses. Working a bit on the controls, we can notice that the volume is decisive for the flexibility, but positioning it around the fifth notch and utilizing the neck pickup, we obtain a clean and much limpid sound, perfect for the Jazz too. Also the tone control works well and can help to find the best result.

Final comments

We can say, undoubtedly, that the Jem 7 DBK turns out particularly valid for the Hard Rock, screamed. Here, it will give you satisfactions.

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