AR 700

AR 700

The charm of the 70s

A Reissue of the solid body of the half of the 70s. It is clearly inspired to the Les Paul, with which it shares the general form and the 2 lacking sides, with the neck that is grafted on to the body to the eighteenth fret.


It is realized with a Mahogany and Maple body. Also in the choice of the woods the association with the Les Paul is absolutely obvious. The Mahogany bottom is 32 mm thick. The top is complex and realized in two pieces of Maple and, in its higher point is 15 mm high. The neck is realized in three pieces of Maple, well worked and with a moderate thickness and turns out much comfortable and flowing. It is light and much comfortable.


The bridge, a Gibraltar 2, introduces some interesting innovations. Usually, the strings substitution always involves some problems, in order to make that the height of the bridge is always the same, during the substitution. The bridge, instead, is fixed to the pillars with two screws, with which you can regulate the height. So, also while you are changing the strings, the bridge is at the right height. The saddles are indipendent and the screws with which they are fixed prevent the accidental horizontal movement. The saddles and bridge height is fixed and follows the radius of curvature of the keyboard. The hardware, sealed with a plastic headstock, is of high quality. Let's see the pickups. Ibanez declares two Super 58, but it seems that at least one of the two is a model custom.

The excellent distortion

The two Super 58s deliver an incredible powerful distortion, making it suitable for Hard Rock. In particular, the middle-high range of frequencies appears truly much present. Undoubtedly, this characteristic comes from the Maple, used in abundance regarding the Mahogany, but also from the characteristics of the pickups. Obviously in the clean it shows its limits, with the sound always large and few harmonics. A negative thing comes from the attack of the notes, nearly unnatural, as if it is generated particularly from the pickups that from woods. In short, it will like to who loves a fast fretboard and a very defined sound, less to those who search a melodious tone. We advise those who want to test it to make it to a good volume of the amplifier, so to appreciate its qualities in distortion and the preponderance of the middle-high frequencies.

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