A Wizard II, here in the 7-string version, a well known neck, fast and with a flat fingerboard. Maple for the neck, Rosewood for the fingerboard. 24 Jumbo frets.

  • Scale length
  • 648mm/25.5"

  • Radius
  • 400mm

  • Width at nut
  • 48mm

  • Width 24th fret
  • 68mm

  • Thickness 1st fret
  • 19mm

  • Thickness 12th fret
  • 21mm

Edge-Zero II Tremolo

A bridge that provides a great tuning stability.

The key feature of the RG Tremolo series is the Edge-Zero II, obviously, in this model, with 7 saddles. The main feature of this bridge is the tuning stability, with the help of the Zero Point System. In the image below we can see the inside of the mechanism for the adjusting of the bridge.

The inside of the mechanism.

Everything can be adjusted for a personal setup. As we can see, the counter-spring can be easily removed.

The mechanism can be easily modified.

The level of compression of the springs can be modified with the use of a dedicated knob.

The knob for the level of the compression.



Axis Seven 1 with ceramic magnet, model number AH17. This humbucker is the 7-string version of the AH1. It's very warm and with a great amount of low frequencies. Perhaps, it is too much dark, but for the typical arpeggios of the modern Metal it sounds well. Anyhow, it is rather powerful and with an excellent presence. In the middle position it becomes more brilliant and with the typical Ibanez sound.


Axis Seven 2 with ceramic magnet, model number AH27. This humbucker is the 7-string version of the AH2. Really powerful, it produces an almost brutal distortion. It cannot disappoint, notwithstanding the cost, rather low, of the RG7320.

General opinion

If You play Rock or Metal it can be a good choice. The affordable price of the RG7320, only 550 euros, makes this electric guitar an excellent solution for who starts playing and wants a quality product at a good price.

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