Like always a very valid instrument

The RG series is, certainly, one of the most interesting productions among the sector industries. The quality/price ratio is always much valid, and the instrument of the our review confirms this tradition. Materials, care for the details and general performances are those of a superior product, but the RG550XH costs only 430 Euros, approximately. Really a good result for Ibanez.
Well, let's see the main characteristics of this interesting guitar.


The neck and the fretboard are, undoubtedly, an important added value of the RG Series. Speed and precision of the Wizard III-XH are well-known. The bridge, an Edge-Zero II, is equipped with the Zero Point System that makes the strings replacement a fast and easy operation. Another important characteristic is the number of the frets: 30!

  • Neck
  • Maple (3 pieces), Wizard III-XH.

  • Body
  • Basswood.

  • Fretboard
  • Rosewood with white dot inlay.

  • Frets
  • 30, Jumbo.

  • Bridge
  • Edge-Zero II with Zero Point System 3Fe.

  • Pickups
  • Middle: INFS (Single coil, Passive, Alnico). Bridge: INF (Humbucker, Passive, Ceramic). Neck: A simulator is installed within the body (it works with a 9V battery).

  • Hardware color
  • Cosmo black.

  • Finishes
  • Blue Sparkle, Red Sparkle, Black.

In this image we can see the back of the RG550XH and the compartment of the battery of the neck pickup simulator. Everything is clean and well-made.

The back of the body with the compartment for the battery

The Wizard III-XH

Let's see an image and a table that show the dimensions of the Wizard III-XH.

Neck dimensions
Neck Dimensions
a : Width at Nut43mm
b : Width at Last Fret58mm
c : Thickness at 1st19mm
d : Thickness at 12th21mm


The RG550XH is equipped with an humbucker, a single-coil and a neck pickup simulator. Let's see how they work.


An Infinity with a big ceramic magnet. It is perfect for an high-gain Rock, but not only. The Metal isn't an exclusive of this Ibanez guitar. Indeed, with little gain it produces a pleasant Blues tone, much smooth, and a snappy crunch.


In a clean context it shows an excessive tendency to the distortion, always audible, above all when it is coupled with the simulated pickup. It is never perfect, but i have to say that the clean sound isn't the natural context of this instrument. However, it isn't an enormous problem.

Neck pickup simulator

It isn't extraordinary, but the result is acceptable. Working a bit with the gain of the amp can improve the situation. Anyhow, lows are much present.

The switching system and the positions with the simulator enabled

Final opinion

If we consider the street price, approximately 430 Euros, the RG550XH is a great value guitar. Its natural context is the Metal, the high-gain Rock, but a minimum of flexibility is possible. The neck pickup simulator is, perhaps, its weak point. However, it works. The result is acceptable.

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