Very similar to the Gibson Explorer

Who knows the Gibson Explorer can see in this DT Destroyer a clear reissue of the well known american guitar. The main proof of this consideration is the shape.
The look of this instrument, with its black color and the shape, particular and aggressive, clearly expresses the character, that has been designed to make really much noise! But we will speak about this. Now, let's see the specifications.


The body, as we can see in the image of the instrument, with a post-modern shape, is in Mahogany. Maple for the neck and Rosewood for the fretboard. Frets are 22.


It is equipped with two Powersound humbuckers, a 3-position switch, and 3 potentiometers, 2 for the volume and 1 for the tone. The bridge is a classic BR-EG.

The dimensions are remarkable

Notwithstanding the shape it isn't an uncomfortable instrument, on the contrary. Perhaps the only doubt is the transportability. It is, in fact, rather bulky.

Much powerful

The output power is really remarkable. The 2 humbuckers are absolutely devastating, but without producing a confused sound. As a whole, in fact, the tone is really of good quality, with a very fast attack and a good definition of all notes.
Certainly, the best yield is in the middle-high range of the sonorous spectrum. In this case the result is much valid.

The excellent sustain and the central position of the switch

The sustain is really of good level. We believe that the main reason of a so valid sustain is the plentiful dimension of the body.
The central position of the switch mixes the two humbuckers, with a very pleasant effect. The two knobs for the volume allow a specific adjusting of the 2 pickups, with a very good result, as regards the flexibility of the tone.


Perhaps the clean is a bit too much dark. Another perplexity regards the noise delivered by the two pickups, rather important, but we must understand that the DT Destroyer has been designed with a great output power, so the noise is a logical consequence of this characteristic.

The enemies

We must say that the two pickups have estimators and detractors. Our opinion is that these humbuckers have been designed for a specific purpose and can disappoint out of this purpose: a very powerful sound. But in a similar context the Powersound is a good pickup.

The distortion is its world, but not only

With some limits, but the DT Destroyer, in some particular conditions, can generate a rather sophisticated atmosphere. Obviously, Metal is the natural context.

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