Les Paul Studio Robot Guitar

Les Paul Studio Robot Guitar

A revolutionary system

This special version of the Les Paul Studio is, undoubtedly, a very fine instrument, but its main characteristic is the revolutionary robotized system for the tuning.

Son of the innovation

Gibson has developed this system after many years of research. A system that automatically adjust the tuning is really an extraordinary evolution for who is usual to play with different tunings. For these guitarists it's a great opportunity that can expand their creativity.

A real novelty

At present Gibson is the first company in the world that produces a system that can change the tuning automatically and in real-time. So, in this review, we will not speak about the guitar in itself, but about the technical characteristics of the robotized system, so to understand how it works.

How it works

The system that allows this small miracle of the automatic tuning consists of some elements that a sophisticated electronics interconnects in real-time.

The Multi-Control Knob

The MCK allows the choice between some ready-to-use settings, as regards the tuning. Each position of the potentiometer controls the tuning pegs on the headstock, the Robot Tuners. Each tuning peg is equipped with a robotized system for the movement, a real masterpiece of micro-engineering.


The secret is in the tuning pegs

The secret of the robotized system is just in the tuning pegs, particularly in the weight. Just to understand: a single Gotoh tuning peg weighs about 49 grams, while a tuner of this system, notwithstanding the robotized mechanism, weighs 46,5 grams! Incredible.

Detail of the tuning pegs


As we said, the component that controls the operations is the MCK knob. This knob is easily recognizable for the pleasant Vintage lighting.


It can assume two positions: normal (1) and raised (2).

  • 1
  • The classic potentiometer for volume and tone.

  • 2
  • This position, on the contrary, initializes the robotized system for the tuning and provides some ready-to-use presets.


The MCK offers 6 different presets for the tuning. These presets can be personalized and saved, but the user can quickly restore the original tunings.

The Tune-Control bridge

Another fundamental component of the system is the bridge. The Tune-Control is, as a matter of fact, a modified version of the Tune-o-Matic.

The Tune-Control bridge

The particularity of the saddles

Another miracle of micro-engineering. The special saddles of the Tune-Control receive the information from the MCK and transmit them to the chip inside the neck, the heart of the system. The chip will immediatly transmit the information to the tuning pegs.

The special saddles The electronic system

The rechargeable battery

Obviously, the system for the automatic tuning, like all the electronic systems, needs a battery. The Les Paul Studio Robot Guitar is equipped with a battery that can be recharged in about 90 minutes, and that can execute up to 200 operations.

Rechargeable battery

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