Les Paul Studio

Les Paul Studio

General characteristics and woods

Maple Top and Mahogany back. The fingerboard is in Rosewood, with 22 frets. The Ebony fingerboard is available only on 2 models: Classic White and Alpine White. The neck profile is rounded like in the '50s style.


2 humbuckers: 1 498T and 1 490R (T = Treble and R = Rhythm). They produce the same tonal characteristics of the original PAF, but with an increased mid-range response. The 498T replaces the Alnico II magnet with an Alnico V, so to increase mids and highs.

Different from the classic models

The tone is warm, even with the Distortion produced from the 498T. In the middle position you can obtain a beautiful clean. Really perfect and balanced, with a soft attack and a good sustain. Vintage, that seems to come from the '60s. It is just a bit different from a classic Les Paul, especially a '70s. It's difficult to explain why. It's a sensation. I dont say that the Studio doesn't sound well, but it's not the same. However, it produces a flexible tone that can be easily modified, thanks to the 2 knobs for the tone, and the 2 humbuckers are high quality pickups. You can easily play from Jazz to Metal and, surely, Blues.

Bridge and Hardware

The classic Tune-O-Matic, while Tuners are Grover Kluson.


It's comfortable and light. Finishing is not perfect, in my opinion, and the sound is not just what a Gibson player expects, but it's flexible, and you can play everything. The price includes a good case.

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