Les Paul Standard 2008

Les Paul Standard 2008

The asymmetrical neck profile

The most important feature of the new Standard 2008 is the asymmetrical neck profile. This new profile makes the neck really much comfortable and playable. The new neck is planned to follow the natural form of the hand. It is ergonomically-correct, tapered. Moreover, it is thicker on the bass strings and thinner on the treble strings. I can assure you that playing this neck is really a spectacle. It is fluent, fast and really, really comfortable. I never played on a so neck. This is an innovation. No doubts.

The chambered body

In the last years Gibson has introduced an innovation inside the body. This technique, called chambering, renders the natural and well known tone, but the guitar is lighter and with more Sustain.


Both pickups are Burstbucker Pro, designed specifically for this model. They features an Alnico V magnet which provides an higher output. Coils are asymmetrical. This creates a more open sound. The bridge pickup is overwound, so to increase the output. Two controls for the Volume and the Tone, and a 3-way switch. With new quality custom-made potentiometers.

Heat and flexibility

The Tone is crunchy and warm. Sustain is long and full. The bridge pickup produces a large and massive sound, perfect for Metal. The neck pickup can produce an excellent Blues tone, but even Jazz. With the Standard 2008 you can play what you want. It depends on you.


Well. Finishing are perfect. It is absolutely beautiful and with a glamorous Vintage look. Action is perfect. The price in the shop is approximately 2100 Euros.

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