Les Paul Deluxe Reissue

Les Paul Deluxe Reissue

Let's speak about an historical and extraordinary instrument. The reissue of the Les Paul Deluxe, a guitar that found in the shining sound a clear identification and a great success.

Finishing, Woods and Mechanics

The line is graceful, with a Maple Top and the curvatures of the original of 50s. The body is realized in an only one piece. This guarantees a better body resonance. The neck is realized with an only one piece of Mahogany, with the keyboard in a good quality Rosewood, while the two pickups, like in the original version, are installed on a base with some screws to adjust the height, so to draw up or move away the pickups from the strings as you need.
The finishing is gold-top type, with the bottom and the neck in natural Mahogany. The controls knobs, 4 in the model of our test, remember the 50s style. The neck seems fluent and sufficiently comfortable, while the keyboard, relatively flat, provides 22 well made frets, also if not perfectly polished. The mechanics are in Kluson style, comfortable but not much accurate, even if aesthetically beautiful.
The paint is in nitrocellulose, just a bit plastic to the touch.

It is perfect for the Blues

With regard to the sound, it seems a bit thinner and brighter compared to the classic Les Paul tone, with the neck pickup that is rather warm, suitable to Blues but that can be used also for the Jazz, few emphasized in medium-low frequencies and ready in the attack of the notes. Little by little that we approach to the bridge, it becomes more dry, but it preserves a much pleasant density, that turns out in a shining sound, but not acid.
If we add a bit of overdrive, we obtain good high frequencies, coloured and doughy medium, while lows turn out rather dry. As a whole this Deluxe is much versatile.


Obviously, with a Gibson, it's rare a low price, above all considering that this guitar is equipped with a Mahogany neck. However we must say that the woods quality, first of all the Rosewood keyboard, is not up to the original.
The pickups, instead, seem to repropose the original tone, perhaps a bit less brilliant, but we believe that this characteristic can be due also to the fact that the guitar of our test is new and still not "well-oiled".

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