Dusk Tiger Robot Guitar

Dusk Tiger Robot Guitar

A great innovation

The first electric guitar that can be controlled with a software suite, with a multiband EQ, Ableton Live 8 and Guitar Rig 4 Pro. Sure, it is equipped with the Robot Tuning Technology, here at the third generation. But this is not the most important thing. In my opinion the most important innovation is the possibility of shaping the sound via software. It is a Les Paul and it features excellent woods and the chambered body, more a really amazing finish. The look is particular. Someone will love it, someone will hate it. It depends on. But it's particular.


A nitrocellulose finish, with back, much particular, characterized by a tiger-striped design with a brilliant finish. The look of the top is natural.


Body, Neck and Fingerboard

A Mahogany body with the top in a beatiful Marblewood. This wood comes from Suriname, in South America and is joined together with some strips of Ebony. The proportions are those of the Les Paul Standard, but Top is flat, rather than arched. Body is chambered, an innovation not so much loved by Gibson fans. The chambered body makes the instrument lighter, but sure it changes tone.

Body chambers

Neck is one solid piece of Mahogany. It's much comfortable and slim. Fingerboard is in Ebony with a 12" radius and 22 frets. Pickguard is absolutely particular and unique.


The bridge pickup is a Burst Bucker 3 with an Alnico 2 magnet. It is a PAF-style humbucker. It provides powerful mids and produces a warm and rich tone. The neck pickup is a P-90h with two Alnico V magnets. This is a new version of the traditional P-90, with an improved system to cancel hum. It is clear and open.


Two controls for volume and one control for tone, more an illuminated knob (MCK II). Thanks to this MCK II knob, the player can vary the tonal possibilities and automatically change tuning. It is illuminated, so to work in every light condition.

MCK II knob


The classic Tune-o-Matic, but newly designed and improved. It provides 6 piezo pickups, one for each saddle. They go through an internal pre-amp, that is wired to the electronics coming from the two electromagnetic pickups. This feature generates a matrix with infinite tonal combinations. This bridge, we have to say it, is a technological jewel.

The Parametric EQ

This is really a great innovation, and it works very well. The Dusk Tiger provides two parametric 4-band EQ, one for the piezo bridge and one for the electromagnetic pickups. EQ settings can be saved and immediatly recalled. Thanks to this incredible feature, tone can be drastically changed.

Parametric EQ

Robot Interface Pack (RIP)

The RIP provides an easy connection to your computer, Windows or Mac, via a Firewall cable. Gibson includes a complete softwares suite, including Ableton Live 8 Studio and Guitar Rig 4 Pro.

Robot Interface Pack

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