SG Standard

SG Standard


The body comes in a good Mahogany, with a beautiful finish. Body is lightweight and available in two colors: Cherry or Ebony. It features a nitrocellulose finish that boosts the natural vibration of the body. Neck is in Mahogany, with a 50s profile. It's thick and round. Much comfortable. Fingerboard is in Rosewood, with some nice figured acrylic trapezoid inlays. Frets are 22 and the scale length is 24 - 3/4". The bridge is the classic Tune-O-Matic, while tuners are Grover Kluson. The bridge pickup is a 498T, while at the neck there is a 490R.

The evolution of the PAF

In the Gibson statements these two humbuckers are the most versatile pickups available on the market. Obviously, as regards the products of the American company. They reproduce the characteristics of an original PAF, but with an increase in upper mid-range response. The magnet is an Alnico II for the 490R and Alnico V for the 498T, and comes with an innovative solution to avoid and minimalize the microphonic feedback.

The bridge humbucker

The rear image of the humbucker.

Back image

The result is good

Flexible, surelly better for solos than rhythm. The two pickups produce, in fact, a rather dark sound, not so much open. Sustain is excellent. If you play Metal or Hard Rock, the SG Standard will satisfy you. It is powerful and with a great volume. It is very loud. Lows are preponderant and the distortion is really what you expect from a Gibson. Even the clean is good. A comfortable and fast neck, at an excellent price.

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