SG Deluxe

SG Deluxe


The first time Gibson used the Deluxe term was in 1971. This guitar was soon discontinued and made room to the introduction of the SG Standard in 1974. Successively, in 1980, a new model was produced, in Mahogany, aesthetically better than the 1971 model.

Wood and hardware

The color is a rather bright blue, but it is available in red too, both with finishing to the nitrocellulose. The wood used for the neck and the body is the Mahogany. The pearly headstock stands out together with the chromium plated finishing. In my opinion the look is not so convincing. It seems rough, distant from the elegance that we know. Perhaps it will be appreciated by young, less from the fans of the American brand, always fascinated from the elegant and soft lines and from the vintage colors.
The hardware, moreover, seem rather economic, as we do not expect. The fretboard is in Rosewood and frets are of medium size, well made and finished. The neck profile does not turn out too much thin, but however of inferior size regarding a Les Paul Standard neck.
Watching in the details, moreover, we can see a low quality job in the construction. A fault for an instrument of this level.


Three humbuckers. That to the neck and the central is placed on the pickguard, while that to the bridge is covered with a metallic frame. The selector is to six positions, with a potentiometer for the volume and another for the tone.


Very open, with an enough elevated natural volume. The tone is brilliant, but hardly veiled from a medium range that pleasantly softens it. Also with distortions it turns out very defined, with a ready and decided attack.

Final conclusions

In short, on the whole the sound seems better than the construction. A real shame. The weight is really excellent so it is much comfortable. Unfortunately a poor care for the details in the construction and in the assemblage, that is a strange thing in a company like Gibson, reduces the general value.

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