*Attention: the image is different from the model of our test, that was in clear natural Ash and not black.

Body and Pickguard

It is realized in natural Ash, much clear and well finished, and it is added to Fender Alder models. The body is in three pieces, polished and much pleasant at the sight. It is much light, above all compared with a model of the same type of the 70s. The pickguard is to three layers. The potentiometers for volume and tone control are of good workmanship and the body is completely shielded, also with a conductive paint on the wood.

Keyboard and Neck

22 medium frets, well finished. The neck is much comfortable and fast, with a D-section, and well integrated in the body. The neck angle, respect to the body, can be adjusted through a hole in the plate that fixes the neck to the body.


A classic Tremolo with a 2-points connection, synchronized.

Three American Strat single coils

The middle pickup is reverse wound type and produces an humbucker effect, in positions two and four of the selector to five positions. They produce a much powerful sound, emphasized from the body wood. The machine heads are Schaller.

Finishing and Colors

The aesthetics is beautiful, with the Ash in evidence and the clear color that confers, to the Stratocaster object of our test, a much elegant and well-finished aspect. Certainly, also the nice finishing causes a price that cannot be considered cheap.


Generally, Ash guitars produce a sound that is poor of medium frequencies, but the Maple used for the keyboard, and the excellent pickups, contrast this tendency. The tone is, in fact, enough full-bodied, dry, with the high notes in evidence and much hard on basses. It will give satisfactions to those searching acid and Grunge sounds. If we compare it with other Fenders, in Alder, we can notice a much present Medium-Low frequencies range, and a much complete sonority.
In short, it seems sincere, with an high quality construction, but obviously, in the price, you pay the quality construction, the beautiful finishing and the brand in itself.

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