Body and Pickguard

It has a body with the Mustang style. The color is yellow and the look is much elegant. It is in Poplar and the strings installation takes place through the body, a Fender characteristic.

Keyboard and Neck

The keyboard is in Rosewood with a scale of 24 3/4, exactly like the Gibson Les Paul. The neck is in Maple with a flat profile, except where rests the thumb, where is present a curvature.


Hardware is Vintage style, of high quality, with the neck pickup slightly inclined, so to favour a better response on the high notes. The selector is to 3 positions, and it is placed under the neck pickup, in a position, we have to say, rather strange. It comes with 2 controls for volume and tone, placed above a metallic base, in Mustang style.

Finishing and Colors

The assemblage does not seem realized in the best way and is a little bit disappointing, considering the price.

Many harmonics

A warm sound, thanks to the high pickups quality, with an always defined high range and a much sharp tone. Sonority is typically Stratocaster, with a good definition and a large amount of very calibrated harmonics. The Fender character appears above all with the two pickups used together, even if, in this case, the humbucker tends to overlook the single-coil. So, it is enough versatile, balanced and with a very good sustain and first-class resonant qualities.

Final comments

The junction of the neck to the body made us a good impression, really well made. The keyboard is very fast and flowing, much comfortable, although frets have not been polished. Unfortunately, the poor quality of the assemblage cannot convince us, also because the price of this Cyclone would demand a better job.

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