Classic '70s

Classic '70s

The Series

The Stratocaster, is born in the 1954, like already said in other reviews, and is a Series rich in successes, instruments and extraordinary and legendary musicians. Fender produces it in various Series, in the United States, like the American Vintage and the Custom Shop, or in other countries, like Mexico. The model of the Classic Series about which we speak in this article, the 70s, is just produced in Mexico.

General characteristics

The Classic Series introduces Reissues of the 50s and the 60s, and one of the 70s, the object of our review, with a Maple neck and a Rosewood keyboard, while the body is in Ash. The junction of the neck to the body is realized with three screws, solution that has left many people perplexed, between who tried it. It introduces a larger headstock, with a golden Logo, hardware Schaller, instead of the traditional Kluson used in the Classic '67, the Vibrato-Bridge in an only block.

The exaggerated headstock

The plastic pickguard is white and the pickups have magnets all to the same height, with a switch to five positions. The assemblage is not so much convincing. The Truss-Rod regulation takes place from the headstock. Some criticisms came for the headstock dimensions, truly exaggerated. From an esthetic point of view, sincerely, the operation is a failure, but someone says that to a greater mass of the headstock corresponds a better tone. Everybody can have the ideas he wants. In my opinion this is a legend.

Finishing and woods

The body is in Ash, rather heavy. It doesn't not represent in effect the exact reissue of a model, but a kind of mix of several guitars with different characteristics. The neck profile is excellent, exactly as the frets realization, polished and well made. The junction between the neck and the body doesn't show problems, but it seems well realized. The painting is of good quality.
The first impression of insufficient assemblage fails observing the details with which it was realized .

Few mids

Generally, if you put together Maple and Ash, you obtain much sustain, and, in effect, also in this case the tradition seems respected. Tone is brilliant and adapted to situations where you need a shrill sound, usable, for instance, in the funky rhythmics. If you need, instead, warmer tones, maybe playing a bit with the saturation, the few presence of medium frequencies can disappoint. The distortion is rather sour and chilly.
Playing a bit with the controls, we didn't obtain great results, so we believe that if you want a warmer sound, it is necessary to replace the original pickups of this Classic. We don't want to diminish the pickups quality, but a sure deficiency of medium frequencies exists.


At the end of the test we can say that it is a good instrument, with resonant characteristics that reconstruct the atmospheres of the 70s, but if you search a warm and full-bodied sound, buy another guitar.

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