Classic '60s

Classic '60s

General characteristics

The body is in Alder, the neck is in Maple with a C Shape. It comes with a Rosewood fretboard and 21 frets. 3 single-coils, with staggered pole pieces, alnico magnets and aged covers. There are 3 controls (Master Volume, Tone 1 and Tone 2) and a 5-position blade. 3-Ply Mint Green for the pickguard. It is equipped, in my opinion, with a great neck. It is perfect! It is not too thin or not too fat. Just absolutely perfect.


3 controls, one for the Master Volume and two for the Tone. The first knob is the Tone control for the neck pickup. The second knob is the Tone for the middle. A 5 -Position blade controls switching like in the Fender tradition:
Position 1. Bridge Pickup
2. Bridge and Middle
3. Middle
4. Middle and Neck
5. Neck
Three Vintage Style Single-Coils with Staggered Pole Pieces, Alnico Magnets and Aged Covers. They are of good quality.

Bridge and Hardware

A classic Vintage Style with Synchronized Tremolo. It is stable and preserves the tuning with a good efficiency. Machine Heads are Fender/Ping.

Blues and Country

Tone is warm and sweet, particularly the mid pickup. It is very balanced and is great to play Blues or Country, but also Jazz. I would not buy it to play Metal, obviously. It is much valid with clean sounds and sweet distortions.


I believe that at this price is very difficult to find a so quality guitar in the market. It is the proof that a good Strat can be made also outside USA. And it costs only 800 Euros (but this is the list price, you can pay it less). So, i can say that the Classic '60s is an excellent purchase. Buy it. You will not be disappointed.

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