Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton

A masterpiece

Are you looking for a real Strat? Yes? Well. Today we will see an instrument of great value, certainly not cheap, obviously, but a real masterpiece that cannot disappoint who wants a great quality guitar with all the necessary to play everything. The distinctive element of this model is, in fact, the versatility.

The main features

Let's see the main elements of the Eric Clapton Strat in the following table.

Neck shapeSoft "V"
Scale length25.5" (648 mm)
Fingerboard radius9.5" (241 mm)
Number of frets22
Fret sizeVintage-Style
Nut width1.650" (42 mm)
Special featuresMid-boost (25 db) and TBX circuit
Pickups3 Vintage Noiseless Single-Coils
Bridge6-Saddle American Vintage Synchronized Tremolo
Tremolo typeBlocked
Hardware finishChrome
StringsFender USA 250R, NPS, (.010 - .046 Gauges)
Available colorsOlympic White, Black, Pewter, Torino Red
Included accessoriesVintage Tweed Case, Strap, Cable
Pickups, bridge and knobs

The TBX circuit and the Mid-boost

This system was introduced in 1988 and isn't, in itself, a booster, like someone thinks, but a cutter of lows and treble, so mids are brought out. The tone control, in this system, acts in a double modality. From 0 to 5 it works like a standard tone control, while after position 5 it activates the TBX circuit. We can consider it an example of subtractive equalization.
The Mid-boost is an active circuit, it uses a battery, that boosts mids of 25db. The two systems together make this guitar really versatile and flexible.

This system makes the guitar much versatile

How it works

The neck, with a slight V-shape, is really comfortable and fast. The action can be set very low without any frets buzz. Obviously the Eric Clapton Strat is perfectly built and without imperfections.
The three Vintage Noiseless pickups sound great, the Mid-boost system is really efficient and creates a tone pleasantly fatter, the TBX circuit makes this guitar much versatile. Undoubtedly, a value instrument.

Final opinion

If you are looking for a real Strat and, at the same time, a flexible instrument, this is the guitar for you. It is really extraordinary, and cannot disappoint. Yes, it is very expensive, the price is rather important, but certainly the Eric Clapton Strat is worth how much it costs. A great electric guitar.

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