Stratocaster American Vintage '70 Reissue

Stratocaster American Vintage '70 Reissue

The great headstock recalls the '70s

The most evident characteristic is, without doubt, the great headstock that reminds to the gold years of the electric guitar, the '60s and the '70s. For someone a similar headstock can produce a different sound, for someone is a legend!


Let's say immediately that, compared to the neck of the '57 of the same Series, the neck is bigger and with a U-shape, while the neck of the '57 is V-shape. Moreover, the fretboard is very rounded and, also for this reason, the action is rather high. So we can say that, compared to the '57 and to the '62 neck of the same Series, the neck of the '70 is less comfortable, but this doesn't mean that it is less fast. On the contrary! The fingerboard, that can be in Maple or in Rosewood, with a 7.25" radius, is very fast and to play this guitar is a great pleasure.
The conjunction between the neck and the body is made with 3 screws and the micro-tilt, a system that lets you tilt the neck, if the action is too much high for your taste. So, as we see, the problem of the action, if it's too much high for you, can be easily solved.

Alder or Ash

First of all let's say that with this Series Fender let's you choose between two woods for the body: Alder or Ash. This choice, obviously, can generate great differences. The '70 of our review is in Ash and, in my opinion, the natural context is, undoubtedly, the '70s Rock: Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, and so on.
The distortion is natural, rather powerful and with a great sustain. Compared to the '57, the tone of the '70 is less warm, with more mid-high frequencies and more open. Sometimes almost shrill! Obviously, this characteristic is the effect of the Ash. With the middle pickup it produces an excellent tone for the Funky, dry and clean.

General opinion

If the '70s Rock is your passion this guitar is for you. The sound is excellent and the instrument is realized with a great cure for the details. The price, 2329 euros, is the list price. Obviously, in the shop the price changes.

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