Stratocaster American Vintage '62 Reissue

Stratocaster American Vintage '62 Reissue

The legend continues

The commercial success of the Stratocaster has never been surpassed from no other instrument. It is born in the 1954 but still today it is the most important electric guitar in the world. Today it is produced in several versions, also cheap, like the Squier, or more expensive, like the Custom Shop, but one of the most diffused and loved Series is, surely, the American Vintage.


The body is in Alder, like the most qualified models, even if some models, those with blonde finishing, are in a light Ash. It owns a white pickguard and a white coloring and, aesthetically, is really beautiful. The weight is in the average, 3,5 kg, but this, surely, doesn't make it light and comfortable.

Fingerboard and neck

The neck is in Maple, produced in one piece, with the fingerboard in Rosewood. It is comfortable, fluent and, thanks to the excellent original setup, the '62 can be used with no problems in many different contexts, like chords, solos or arpeggios. The tuning is excellent, like the sustain. The Rosewood used for the fingerboard is a wood of good quality.


An Original Vintage, with Synchronized Tremolo. Since the first use, it is perfectly regulated, included the strings height, the tuning and the Vibrato. The whammy bar is much angled, towards the end, like the instruments of the '60s.


The pickups are the new American Vintage that, according to Fender, are the exact copy of an original set of the '60s. Fender declared that he has made this choice since it was interested to the resonant characteristics, well-balanced, of these pickups.

Finishing and colors

Only nitrocellulose lacquers. The available colors are:
Olympic White, Black, Ocean Turquoise, Surf Green and Ice Blue Metallic.

The result is valid

The sound is warm, with percussive basses and an harmonic and melodious high range. A much plump sound and a dark tone, with a soft attack. Perhaps poor of dynamic, but good. I like it. We must say that the high middle and basses presence, if you use the distortion, can make it too much dark, but working with controls and the pickups selector, it can be more open and brilliant.

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