Stratocaster American Vintage '57 Reissue

Stratocaster American Vintage '57 Reissue

Specifications and woods

For the body the choice can be between Alder and Ash. Ash is lighter than the Alder, but obviously this choice affects the nature of the sound. The neck, with a V-shape, is made in one piece of Maple, and turns out really much fluent and comfortable. The Maple fretboard comes with 21 Jumbo frets, Vintage style, and an agreeably low action. The 1-layer pickguard completes the main characteristics.


3 pickups 57/62 Series, obviously a Reissue. They are equipped with a new magnet that has been designed to reproduce the original versions. Like always, 3 controls: 1 master volume and 2 knobs for the tone. It comes with a 3-position switch, but if you want you can install a kit for the 5-position switch. The kit is included.

Hardware and Early Setup

The bridge, a Vintage synchronized tremolo, with 2 anchor points, comes with a chrome cover, called "Ashtray". Tuning pegs, Fender/Gotoh, are Vintage style and chrome, like all the hardware. The early setup is really excellent, as we said with a very low action. Everything is how it must be, but we have to say that with this Series Fender produces some guitars that cannot be considered cheap, so it's natural a particular care of the instrument.

Tweed hardshell - The case is a perfect replica of the original


Much suitable to Jazz, but not only, obviously. With a bit of Chorus it can deliver really a pleasant sound, with a massive amount of harmonics and a good sustain. If we want to find a problem some background hum is always present, but with a good arrangement between the volume of the instrument and the volume of the amp, the problem can be limited.


The distortion is really pleasant, but for a good Blues, the classic Rock or the Country, that in my opinion are certainly the natural context, above all the Blues. With the bridge pickup the tone is warm and full-bodied, with a remarkable natural sustain. If you are looking for a guitar for the Hard Rock or, however, with an open and bright tone, the '57 isn't for you.


Undoubtedly, like all the models of this Series, the American Vintage '57 comes with an excellent assemblage. Everything is painstaking, in all the details. An excellent job. The clean is really convincing, and cannot disappoint. As regards the distortion. The humbucker can make a very good job, but the output power isn't excessive, so, if you want a more pushed sound, an Overdrive or a good tube amp is necessary.
The price is important, but it's obvious.

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