American Standard

American Standard

A myth

A word to use with prudence, but the Stratocaster is really an icon. An appreciated and loved guitar from all the Fender fans and that, in time, has been always renewed, sometimes with excellent results, sometimes less. The new American Standard is a masterpiece, in terms of sound, look and feel. Let's see this new version.
Let's say immediately that it preserves all the characteristics that have made this series so famous, and brings some improvements, mainly to the bridge, machine heads and to the body painting.

Body and Pickguard

Here the engineers have made an excellent work. The lower varnish layer, under the at sight painting, has been remarkably reduced. This has improved the body resonance and, therefore, also the sustain.

Keyboard and Neck

Like tradition, above all for this Series, the keyboard edges are rounded off. The used woods are the Maple or the Rosewood. It depends on your choice. Moreover, the keyboard is polished.
The neck comes with a new finish. Tinted and with a new treatment. The effect is dazzling. The look is elegant and involving. Aesthetically, it is truly beautiful. The back of the neck maintains, like in the previous models, the usual satin and flowing finish.


The bridge is completely new, and the planning is remarkable. It is a 2-Points Synchronized Tremolo. The saddles are steel. The bridge block is steel and copper. Also here, like for the new body painting, is present a considerable resonance and sustain increase.


The classic Alnico V. The quality is well-known to everybody. They produce a great clean when you use them in the neck position. The middle pickup produces a good brilliant sound, much flexible, while the bridge pickup owns a warm and full-bodied tone, much compact and sweet, perfect for Blues, but also for a soft Rock, not much hard.
The machine heads are progressive height type.


Besides many possible finishes, Fender has added two new beautiful finishes: Sienna Sunburst and Blizzard Pearl.

Final comments

The tuning is stable. The duration is guaranteed in the time and the sound is the classic of the American Stratocaster, but more full-bodied and with a greater sustain, thanks to the new bridge.

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