American Standard HSS

American Standard HSS

A smoking gun

Among the Strats of the last generation, it is with no doubt the smoking gun of the group, thanks to the new Tex-Mex single-coils and to the Diamondback humbucker, which exalts the output gain. The S-1 switch, present in the previous model, has been removed. Fender says that this makes the sound management simpler and more linear.

Main differences

Well, let's see the peculiar characteristics of the HSS, substantially the differences with the normal version.

  • Pickups
  • As we have said, the HSS features two Tex-Mex single-coils and a Diamondback humbucker. We will speak about the sound provided by these pickups.

  • Bridge
  • Neck treatment
  • Thinner finish undercoat
  • Case
  • Colors


Compared to the normal Standard, the HSS is equipped with two single-coils and an humbucker, able to make to scream the Strato of our review, with a devoted soul to the Rock tone, also hard, with an increased presence of high frequencies and an higher output gain volume. The bridge humbucker delivers an hard and incisive tone, rather big. The tone is easily manageable, and you can obtain excellent results. As regards the clean, above all with the middle pickup, it does not express the cleansing of the normal Standard, but the result is valid.

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