American Special HSS

American Special HSS

Made in USA, but affordable

It can be considered the dream of many guitarists. Many quality characteristics, but with a surprising price. Certainly, superior to the value of the instrument. It is much similar to the American Standard of the '70s. The demonstration is the headstock. Really large, like the Strat of the '70s.

It is a genuine Strat

The affordable price must not muddle one's ideas. Body is in Alder, with a beautiful gloss finish, like the fretboard. The bridge is the Synchronized Tremolo, 22 Jumbo frets, the oversized headstock and three beautiful pickups. In addition, it provides an extraordinary electronics.

2 Texas Special

An Atomic Humbucking as bridge pickup and two Texas Special, single-coil, in the middle and neck positions. When in neck position the tone is full, much muscular and very definite. Truly beautiful and much beefy. The bridge position provides the well-known Fender growl with a crunch sound, much pleasant and involving. If you want more bass, the position 2 (bridge and middle pickup), will mix the classic tone of the Atomic with the warmer Texas Special.

A bargain

It is worth more than how much it costs. This is sure. The street price, approximately 800 Euros, is undoubtedly inferior to value of the instrument. An excellent job. It can give many satisfactions. Used and in good conditions it can be really an extraordinary bargain. In addition, it is flexible and versatile. It is offered in two colors: Black and 3-color Sunburst.

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