American Special

American Special


Alder body, three-piece, with gloss urethane finish, a Maple neck, C-Shape, satin, and a Maple fingerboard, with 22 frets, Jumbo. The 3 pickups are the excellent Texas Special with three controls: a master volume and 2 tones for the neck and bridge pickups. The two tones feature the Greasebucket Tone Circuit, that rolls off highs without adding bass. The 5-position blend is a classic and the bridge is the Synchronized Tremolo, Vintage Style. The pickguard is a 3-ply and machine heads are Fender Standard. It owns some unique features, for example, the large '70s style headstock. It comes in two colors: Candy Apple Red (309) and 2-color Sunburst (303). The model numbers are 011-5602-309 and 011-5602-303, the last number is the color. The finish is perfect.

3 Texas Special

They work well, we know it, so the American Special gives satisfaction and, thanks to the 5-position blend and the particular tone circuit, it turns out much flexible and capable to play everything. Tone is full, definite, with treble in evidence and much dynamic. The middle pickup is the only one without a tone control, but it is perfect for Funky riffs, much open and similar to the Telecaster tone.

Only 730 Euros

Really a value production at an incredible price. A real Stratocaster, Made in USA, and with all the main characteristics of an instrument that is a legend. If you find it used it can be an extraordinary opportunity. The modern and advanced electronics is an important added value for the overall flexibility. The final opinion can be only absolutely positive.

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