Jazzmaster Special

Jazzmaster Special

Finish and Action

It is available in two colors: Black and the classic 3 color Sunburst. The Maple neck is finished in a flowing gloss urethane varnish. Action is perfect.

Body, Neck and Fingerboard

Body is in Alder, in 2 pieces, while neck is in Maple, and like i said, it is well finished and flowing. The neck is much similar to that of the Stratocaster. The Rosewood fretboard radius is 9.5". Frets are 22.

Lead and Rhythm

Two Hot Jazzmaster single-coils. They produce an amazing fat tone and, thanks to the two circuits (Lead and Rhythm) and the four knobs for Volume and Tone, separate for each circuit, the Jazzmaster Special turns out much flexible and capable to produce also the classic bright Fender. It provides an open sound with a great percussive attack, i believe because of the new design of the bridge, especially with the bridge pickup and the Rhythm circuit. The Lead circuit delivers a warm, fat and mellow tone. Really beautiful.
Much quiet. No hum.


It provides the new Adjusto-Matic, with Vintage Style floating Tremolo and Lock Button. The Tremolo plate has been moved closer to bridge, so to increase the sustain.


Fender has made an excellent job with this instrument. It is amazing and flexible. The list price is 1198 Euros, but you can find the Special at a price of 800/850 Euros. If i will find this guitar used i will buy it immediatly.

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