Jazzmaster American Vintage '62 Reissue

Jazzmaster American Vintage '62 Reissue

Really fine

Undoubtedly, the Jazzmaster American Vintage '62 is one of the more interesting Fender guitars. Today we will examine a reissue.
The original version was produced from 1958 up to the beginning of the '80s, in some different models. The original shape and the general look were an important and distinguishing characteristic, but the real strong point was the tone. A big sound, rather classic and heavy, compared with the modern taste, but very fine.

Main features

The body is in a medium-weight alder, certainly not excessive. Neck is in flamed Maple, really fine and absolutely fluent. The fretboard is in Rosewood, with 21 small-size frets, obviously, like everything, Vintage Style. All the parts are perfectly assembled, and the painting is without visible imperfections.
As regards my personal opinion, the initial setup is rather valid, with a minimum height of the strings on the fretboard and a perfect intonation.

The Trem-Lock system

2 Special Design American Vintage, single-coil, fastened with 4 screws that can be used to adjust the height and with aged plastic-coated parts. The switch provides three positions. Concerning this can be useful to remember the words of Leo Fender about the pickups of the original version, but the words of the founder are useful to understand the character of this Reissue:
"This pickup is larger, the coil is lower and spaced out, the spectrum below the string is wider and the tone is warmer".

The tremolo arm isn't the best thing

The bridge, a floating tremolo with Trem-Lock system, features saddles that can be adjusted as regards the height and the compensation. The system of the tremolo arm is particular, and, if compared to the classic Stratocaster, very different. In my opinion this system is not so valid and the feel is that the arm isn't well functioning, but it's a personal opinion.

It is perfect

As soon as it is connected to the amp the value of this instrument is immediatly evident. The sound is very classic, big, warm and reactive. The distortion is fabulous, with an extraordinary sustain and a very pleasant natural decay. It conquers immediatly, also the most hard to please guitarist.

An excellent instrument

A valid quality/price ratio, with the addition of a fine brown Tolex case. Perhaps the only weak point is the flexibility, but the Jazzmaster American Vintage '62 Reissue hasn't been planned to be flexible.

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