The incredible flexibility

It provides many controls and switches that can drastically modify the tone, but above all the character of the sound, and this, in our opinion, is the most important added value of this instrument with, we have to say it, a valid quality/price ratio.

General image


  • Lead and Rhythm (A)
  • Obviously the names explain the function of each circuit.

  • Pickups (B)
  • This guitar allows a deep control of the electronics. Perhaps this characteristic can be a problem for the beginner, but when everything is clear the Jaguar HH becomes a monster of flexibility. However, here the pickups, 2 Special MIJ Dragster, can be used, with the help of two switches, in phase, out of phase, in parallel or in series.

  • Controls (C)
  • Tone and volume. They work in conjunction with the switches for the choice of the circuit type.

Made in Japan

As we can see in this image the Jaguar HH is made in Japan. Anyhow, it's not a problem. The quality of the assemblage, and of all the parts of the guitar, is excellent.

The back of the neck.


Let's see the list of the most important characteristics of the Fender Jaguar Special Edition HH.

  • Model Number
  • 025-9200 (306, black).

  • Body
  • Alder

  • Neck
  • Maple

  • Fingerboard
  • Rosewood. Radius: 7.25" (184mm).

  • Number of frets
  • 22

  • Scale length
  • 24"(610 mm)

  • Width at nut
  • 1.650" (42 mm)

  • Pickups
  • 2 Special Design MIJ Dragster.

  • Bridge
  • Adjusto-Matic

  • Strings
  • Fender Super 250R (.010)


Excellent sound, extraordinary flexibility, nice look and an interesting price. The opinion is absolutely positive.

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