Studio R - Conservatorio

Studio R - Conservatorio


Main characteristics

The solid Top is in a beautiful Canadian red Cedar. Back and sides are in solid African Mahogany, while the fingerboard is in ebony, with a good job on the frets. Neck is much comfortable and assures a great playability. Finish is well realized, with no flaws or other imperfections. The only cheap thing are tunings. But we cannot ask more at this price. Trebles are clear, sweet and very definite. Low end is full, rounded and robust. The list price is 1157 Euros. The case is included.


Back is laminated

The Top is made of a beatiful Canadian solid Red Cedar. Back and sides are made of Indian Rosewood. Back is laminated. The fingerboard is in Ebony, while the neck is realized in a good Spanish Cedar. I didnt like frets job. Too much poor. Finish is glossy. Much elegant and pleasant. The scale length is 25-1/2", while the nut width is 2".

A good result, but some limit

The tone is powerful, brilliant and definite. The laminated back limits basses volume, that are not so powerful like you expect of a quality classical guitar, but the sound is rich and natural. Not too much loud, however. Trebles are good, but not fabulous. But it's ok.


Back and sides in solid Indian Rosewood

The Top is in solid red Cedar. Back and sides are in an excellent solid Indian Rosewood, unlike the R2, where the Indian Rosewood is laminated, and the R1, where back and sides are in African Mahogany. Neck is in Spanish Cedar and the fretboard is in Ebony. It is made exclusively with excellent wood. The nut width is 52mm. Tuners are gold and the fabulous finish is lacquered. Obviously it is carefully crafted in Spain, directly in the Ramirez workshop.

Typical Spanish tone

Deep, warm and rich, with a great natural sustain. The volume is excellent and every note is perfectly defined. If the instrument is new, you have to wait to obtain a very open sound. Quality woods possess this peculiarity.

It cannot disappoint

High quality woods, value finish, great sound. It costs approximately 1900 Euros.

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