Studio E

Studio E



We have to say that it is not realized directly from Ramirez but outside its workshop. However, only Spanish manufacturers, and the final adjustment takes place in the workshop. But let's see specifications.
All the woods are solid and aged. Top is in a good red Cedar, obviously solid, while back and sides are in African Mahogany. Generally, instruments of this price are realized with laminated wood for back and sides, but the 1E is different. Only solid wood. Neck is in Spanish Cedar and, like always, fretboard is in Ebony. The scale length is of 650mm. Finish, construction and action are fabulous. Truly a good job.


The Tone is typically Spanish and the tonal base is much rich. The volume is adequate. Basses are full and definite, while mids are sweet, perfectly balanced. The original strings are not extraordinary. The price, approximately 1100 Euros, is excellent. A good purchase.


Finish, Action and Rosette

The color of the red Cedar top is fabulous. Really amazing. Action is like it must be for a classic player, a little high, but lowering it it's easy. The intonation is perfect and the frets are of high quality.


Body, Neck and Fretboard

Woods are excellent, if we evaluate this instrument in its price range. The red Cedar top, solid, is really beautiful, with its glamorous color. The laminated Indian Rosewood for back and sides is of good quality, and not a cheap wood like sometimes happens with laminated woods. The Spanish Cedar neck comes with an Ebony reinforcement and the excellent fretboard is in Ebony, with a great job regards to the frets. Really well mounted.


Tone is bright on the high strings and warm on the low strings. The Indian Rosewood for back and sides is laminated, yes, but it is sufficient to obtain, together with the beautiful red Cedar top a big sound, much definite and with an excellent natural volume and full of harmonics. A very good price, approximately 1200 euros. Perhaps, the only cheap thing are tuning machines, but this is a little thing. You can easily change them.



The top-of-the-line model. It is made entirely by hand and all the woods are solid. Top is in a good red Cedar. Back and sides are in Indian Rosewood. Finish is lacquered. The scale length is 650mm and the nut width is 52mm. Neck is in Cedar with an Ebony reinforcement. Fretboard is in Ebony. Case is not included, and this is a lack.


It delivers a robust and rich tone, much clear and with a good volume. Balanced and sophisticated. Perfect for the advanced student. The only lack is the absence of a case, but the satisfaction is guaranteed.

Anniversary 125th AM

Frontal image


It features the traditional look of the Studio series, but with some small details that are particular of this model. For the top Ramirez choosen an excellent Western red Cedar, really well aged, like all the woods of this model, but if you want you can choose a top in German Spruce. Back and sides are in Indian Rosewood, obviously solid. The rosette is exclusive of the 125th AM, with its beautiful design. Ten roses, in green and red, on a black background. Really beautiful and characteristic. Neck is in Cedar, while the fingerboard is in solid Ebony. The scale length is, like always, 650mm.

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