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Two models

Well, Ramirez produces two versions of this guitar, a limited series (only 30) and the instrument of our review. The most important characteristic is the 2 woods that Ramirez has used for the back and for the sides: Tulipwood and European Oak (durmast). Durmast is a largely used wood to conserve wine, particularly for the barrels.
We can see in this image the central strip in Oak.

Back and sides

It is very expressive

First of all the neck. Fast and thin, it turns out very comfortable for any hand, and the fingerboard has a very low action. The balance between all notes, in every position, is perfect. An interesting characteristic is that the tone changes according to the position on the fingerboard. Anyhow, the sound is dark, round and sweet.

Too much expensive

It isn't sufficient for a professional but it's great for the keen or the student of the Conservatory. The list price is rather high but on the market it is remarkably lower.


Really exclusive

It condenses all the know-how of the company and the philosophy behind a great value product. Obviously, it has been designed for professionals that want an exclusive product.

Main characteristics

For the top can be choosen 2 different wood types: Cedar and red Spruce. Back and sides are in an extraordinary Rosewood. The Ebony for the fretboard comes from the Cameroun. Really great, perhaps the best in the world. The neck is in one piece of a beautiful Cuban Mahogany.

The perfection of the details

Every small element is the perfect consequence of a great care for the details. An example is the rosette that comes with an extraordinary hand-made mosaic, black and white. Another masterpiece is the remarkable job on the headstock, with beautiful Boxwood elements.

Traditional Classic

A sophisticated construction and much fusiness

It is made with first-rate woods, perfectly aged, an advanced technic for the inside of the body, a great care for the details and a complete customization. We have to say that it was designed by José Ramirez III in the '60s with all the know-how that the Spanish company had realized in the previous years.

Complete customization

The customer can choose among different characteristics, so to completely customize the guitar. For example. The top can be in Cedar or in a beatiful red Spruce, strings can be 6, 8 or 10, the scale length can be 664mm or 650mm.

Cypress for the inside of the body

The body, back and sides, is in an extraordinary Indian Rosewood. The inside is in Cypress with a double-side solution, a particular construction, that increases harmonics and tone depth.

A sound that conquers

Few words are sufficient: absolutely sublime. Powerful, deep, full-bodied and with a great number of harmonics. The price: about 8.000 euros.

Manuel Ramirez


An extraordinary instrument that is produced only in a very limited Series. It is the exact copy, or similar, because, like we will see, there are some small differences, of the guitar on exhibit in the Metropolitan Museum of New York. The original was a gift to the great Andrés Segovia.


First of all, the original had eleven strings, while this reproduction has six strings. Another difference is the machine head. On the original model there is a made in Germany Landsdorfer, while on this reproduction there is a David E. Rodgers handcrafted machine head. All the other features are the same: woods, measurements and decorations.


Only the best quality and perfectly aged, obviously. Rosewood, German Spruce, Cedar, Sycamore and Ebony. An high quality Rosewood has been used for back and sides, bridge and headstock. The soundboard is in German Spruce with Cedar reinforcements and back stripe in Sycamore. The interior back stripe is in Cedar and some Spruce blocks work like reinforcement, also under the sound hole. The fingerboard is in an excellent Ebony and it is perfectly coupled to the Cedar neck.

Decorations and finish

Ramirez has reproduced the hand-made mosaic exactly like the original, and the job is perfect. Black and white with some fillets in red, green, white and black. It is varnished with a special polish of great quality.


A masterpiece for professionals

Woods are, like always, of excellent quality: red cedar for the upper top, Indian Rosewood for back and sides, ebony for the fretboard.

The nomex-sandwich

The main characteristic is the double top, a nomex-sandwich, and this is the first time that a Ramirez is built with a similar technique. The Nomex is a particular material with excellent acoustic characteristics. It reflects high frequencies and strengthens mid and low frequencies. So the sound is very powerful, warm and with a great sustain. Really remarkable.

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