The body is in Bubinga with a Cedar top and a Mahogany neck. The fingerboard is in Rosewood while the bridge is in dyed Sycamore. The scale length is 650mm, the width of the neck is 51,5mm on the nut, 61,5mm on the 12th fret. The width of the body on the 12th fret is 95mm. Machine heads are nickel.

General opinion

Good low end and clear mids. Intonation is good, notwithstanding the cheap hardware. I can say that the overall sound is rather valid. Well, if we consider the price, approximately 380 Euros, my opinion is that it is rather excessive.


Top is in Oregon

Back and sides are in dyed Mahogany and fingerboard is in Rosewood. Bridge is in dyed Sycamore, that is an American Platan. Neck is in Mahogany. The scale length is 650 mm, a classic length. The width of the neck is 51,5 mm on the nut and 61,5 mm on the 12 fret. Binding is white and head machines are nickel chrome.

A good tone

Sweet and balanced and, this is important, a good playability. Machine heads are cheap, so it's necessary to adjust the tuning frequently.


Perfect for studying. At a low price, approximately 280 Euros, it provides a good sound. Like i said before, honest.


The interior


The Rosetta

A classic Spanish design.


The Headstock

This image shows the cheap Tuners.


It can be a good solution

300 Euros is an honest price for a classical guitar with a solid top and good finish.


A cured work

It features a solid top in Cedar or Spruce. Back and sides are in dyed Mahogany, like the other cheap models of the Spanish manufacturer. The Mahogany neck features a Rosewood fingerboard. The width on the nut is 51,5 mm, while the width on the 12 fret is 61.5 mm. Bridge is in Rosewood with two white strips and binding is in Mahogany with white strips.

The cost, about 400 euros, is valid

A great volume, thanks to the solid top, and a resolute tone. Balanced and rather sweet. Much Spanish.

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