Specs and woods

For the top Manuel Raimundo has used the same wood type of the other models of the Series: solid red Spruce. Sycamore for the body, Rosewood for the fretboard. For the neck has been choosen the Mahogany. A mahogany, however, thick and well aged.
2 possible colours: yellow and orange.


An honest guitar, with all the most important characteristics of the Flamenco Series. The sound is valid and coherent with the required price.


Woods and assemblage

Like we have said at the beginning of this review, woods are the same of the 160. So, red Spruce for the top and Cypress for the body, back and sides. Everything, every detail, is made and assembled with a great care. The neck is in Cedar, Ebony for the fretboard and Rosewood for the bridge.

The cost is coherent with the value

900 Euros are a legitimate price. The product is, undoubtedly, valid.


Details are important

It has been carried out with a great attention to the details, really high-level woods and a remarkable sound. Moreover, it features a particular construction of the internal of the body.

Woods and other characteristics

Let's start from the top. A good solid red Spruce, we believe Canadian. The Canadian origin of the Spruce used for the top isn't a certitude, we have to say it.

Cypress for back and sides

The Cypress is used on high-value instruments. Back and sides are in this wood. The neck, with an Ebony strip, is in Maple, while the fretboard is in Ebony, like always. A very good fretboard, fluent and smooth.

The tone is really pleasant

Particularly clear and clean, almost brilliant, but never maddening, much balanced and with many nuances.

It is worth how much it costs

2.500 euros are not for everybody, but this classic guitar cannot disappoint.


Frontal image

Features and Finish

Excellent woods, first of all the Cypress for back and sides. Top is in a good solid Spruce. Neck is in Cedar with an Ebony reinforcement. The fingerboard is in Ebony. The width of the neck on the nut is 50,5mm, while on the 12 fret is 61,5mm. Scale is 650mm. it is equipped with a Fishman Pro-Blend, for the electrification.

Always pleasant

The Cypress, for back and sides, makes a good job. Tone is full and rich, with good basses and clear trebles. The electrified sound is excellent. The Fishman Pro-Blend is a guarantee.

The Fishman Pro-Blend

Fishman Pro-Blend

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