Professional but affordable

Among the instruments of the Concerto Series, it is the cheaper version, but the moderate price doesn't mean that it is a low quality product. On the contrary, it perfectly represents the spirit of the Series: A good quality/price ratio.
it is made in Valencia, Spain, with excellent woods and the usual care for the details.


The top can be in Cedar or Red Spruce, while back and sides are in Mahogany. Neck is in Cedar, with an excellent fretboard, like always in Ebony. The tuning pegs are of good quality, but not like the 148, the flagship of the Series.

A good purchase

Tone is pleasantly warm and the natural volume is really remarkable. The general balance is much valid, and every note is perfectly audible and well definite. All the frequencies are at the same level. If we consider all the quality characteristics, the price is really good.



It features a top in Cedar or Spruce. Cedar also for the neck. The main difference, compared with the 136, is the wood for back and sides. It features the Walnut, solid. The excellent fingerboard is in Ebony, while the bridge is in Rosewood. The width of the neck on the nut is 51,5mm, while on the 12th fret is 61,5mm. The width of the body on the 12th fret is 95mm. The scale length is 650mm.


It has the same qualities of the 136, therefore an excellent natural volume and a warm tone, with some differences that are consequences of the Walnut. However, the sound is much definite, absolutely Spanish, with very good lows and sweet mids. It costs approximately 800 Euros. My opinion is that this is a justified price.


Today on the market we can find some really cheap products, that generally come from Asia or Spain. The mass production is a good thing for the prices, but, obviously, not for the quality. The product of this review is sold to an exceptional price that, considering the materials quality and the hand construction, is absolutely justified.


It is equipped with a Cedar Top, obviously solid, with some beautiful grains and the appropriate thickness, while back and sides are in laminated Rosewood. Neck is in a beautiful Mahogany, of high quality, while the fretboard is in Ebony, and the frets have been perfectly mounted and polished. The neck turns out therefore much fast and comfortable, with the hand that immediately finds the ideal position. The headstock is really well made and it is covered with two layers of Maple and Rosewood, that take up the wood grains of the bridge, while machine heads are gold-plated and well adjustable.


Let's see the painting job. Manuel Raimundo declares it used a synthetic paint and that the job has been executed with a compressor. As regards to the body, the job is well made, while on the back of the neck the feeling is that there is too much varnish. There is a great discussion between experts about using the synthetic paint for the neck, as an excessive quantity, it has been demonstrated, brakes the thumb flowing


Lows are much round and the overall volume is much high. The balance is perfect, with lows and highs always very definite, bright and clear, with a tone, as a whole, warm and deep. We believe that the Cedar Top makes its job perfectly. The tuning is perfect, from the beginning at the end of the fingerboard.
It's surprising, but the case is absent. However, it is an excellent instrument, with a very good mellow sound, much warm, consequence of quality woods and a good construction. The price is undoubtedly legitimate.



The top is in Cedar or Spruce, and the fingerboard is in Ebony. The width of the neck on the nut is 51,5mm. On the 12th fret it is 61,5mm. The scale length is 650mm.


A good natural volume, a warm tone and a perfect intonation. If you are looking for the classic Spanish tone, it is for you. The price, approximately 1000 Euros, is valid.


Perfect for the Conservatory

We cannot say that it could be a guitar for a concert artist, this is too much, but for a very serious student, for example a Conservatory student, it can be a perfect solution without emptying the wallet.

General characteristics and wood

The Ebony fretboard, with a scale length of 650mm, is really a masterpiece. Fast, smooth and with all the frets that are perfectly assembled. The neck is in Cedar, with an Ebony strip for a better sliding of the hand.

The choice of the wood for the top

The dimensions of the body are in the average. The top wood can be choosen between the Cedar and the German Spruce. Obviously, the wood of the top will affect the sound, so, if you can, test the two possibilities to understand which is the best solution for your taste.

The Indian Rosewood and the special tuning pegs

The Indian Rosewood for back and sides is the most important proof of the 148 quality, like the tuning pegs and the hardware, another high-value element.


Really great, warm and pleasantly mellow, rich in harmonics and balanced. Lows are full-bodied, but not confused, powerful but without overloading the general context. The volume is remarkable.

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