Grand Symphony

Grand Symphony

GS Mini




Headstock overlay





Elixir (medium gauge).


Hard bag.

Scale Length

23 1/2".

Neck width at nut

1 11/16".


  • Width
  • 14 3/8".

  • Depth
  • 4 7/16".

  • Length
  • 17 5/8".

Overall Length

36 5/8".



A magnetic pickup that can be easily put up in few minutes, thanks to a pre-installed metal clip inside the body. Everything is fast and easy.


The ES-Go pickup is not equipped with onboard controls. The V-Cable is a normal 1/4" cable but with a master volume control. Obviously, the ES-Go pickup can work with any 1/4" cable, but the built-in volume control of the V-Cable can make the difference.


An audio interface for iPhone or iPod Touch with the addition of two apps for the recording: FourTrack and Taylor EQ. FourTrack enables the multitrack recording, while Taylor EQ features several EQ presets.

A small miracle

My opinion is absolutely positive. A beatiful instrument with a valid, very valid sound at an excellent price.


Ebony fretboard

Western Red Cedar top. Mahogany for back and sides, and for the neck. Fretboard and bridge are in Ebony, with Abalone dots and binding. Tuning machines are gold-plated. The scale length is the usual 25 1/2" with the neck width at nut of 1 3/4". 20 frets. Finish is gloss. The color is natural, with the possibility to get the top in the same color of back and sides. Let's see the body dimensions: Width: 16 1/4"; Depth: 4 5/8"; Length: 20". The overall length is 41".

Light and comfortable

Action is perfect, but obviously it depends on your taste. The excellent woods produce a delightful sound, full and warm, with a great natural volume and rich mids.

General opinion

If the cost is not a problem, it cannot disappoint.


Excellent woods, a great playability and a beautiful finish. Back and sides in Maple, Big Leaf. Top is in Sitka Spruce, with the soundhole Rosette in Abalone. The neck, really perfect and much comfortable, is in Maple, such as back and sides, but Hard Rock type. The fretboard, with 20 frets and a 15" radius, is in Ebony, with binding and Abalone dots. Indian Rosewood for the headstock and Ebony for the bridge. Tune machines are gold-plated. Elixir strings, medium gauge. Truss-Rod is adjustable. The scale length is the classic 25 1/2" with the neck width at nut of 1 3/4". The beautiful finish is gloss. It comes in two possible colors: Amber Stain or Tobacco. It includes a Deluxe Hardshall case.

Great low end

The Maple, for back and sides, generates a great low end. Tone is perfectly balanced, with a natural chorus, much delightful. Volume is astonishing. Mids are slightly compressed. Perhaps, this could be a problem for someone, but it depends on your taste.



It features a beautiful Western Red Cedar for the top. This wood gives a fascinating look but also, certainly, an excellent sound. The body is in a valid Indian Rosewood. Well aged. The excellent neck, really comfortable and flowing, is in Tropical American Mahogany. Ebony, with binding and abalone dots, for the fretboard. The headstock is in Indian Rosewood. Bridge in Ebony. Tuning machines are gold-plated. The scale length, like always, is 25 1/2" and the Truss-Rod is, obviously, adjustable. The fretboard provides 20 frets and a 15" radius. Finish is gloss. The color is natural but, if you want, the Tobacco option is available.

Smooth and clean

A great volume, really remarkable, but with the typical roundness and clarity of the Taylor guitars. If you play this instrument, the first thing you will notice is the deep low-end. Beautiful, but not only. The big tone that the Rosewood body creates is paired to the very pleasant warmth of the Top in Western Red Cedar.


Indian Rosewood for back and sides

Taylor has preferred a perfectly aged Sitka Spruce for the top and, like always, a Tropical American Mahogany for the neck, with an adjustable Truss Rod. The fretboard, 20 frets, is in Ebony, with a perfect binding and Abalone position dots. Ebony for the bridge too. Tuning machines are gold-plated. Strings are Elixir. Finish is glossy, with a natural color and the Tobacco option. Obviously, it comes with a Deluxe case.

Flexible and pleasant

The Rosewood for back and sides creates a big, bold tone, while the Sitka Spruce for the top produces a remarkable clarity. The result is a sound with robust bass, rich, very rich mids and clear highs. Present, powerful, warm and rich in harmonics.
Absolutely perfect for the Fingerpicking, but it can play everything.

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