Tobacco Sunburst option

Top is in solid Sitka Spruce, while back and sides are in Indian Rosewood. The fluent and comfortable neck is in a beatiful Tropical American Mahogany with an Ebony fretboard (20 frets) and some beautiful pearl inlays. Headstock is in Indian Rosewood and the bridge is in Ebony. Tuning machines are gold-plated. The scale length is 25 1/2 inches and the Truss-Rod is adjustable. The neck width at Nut is 1 3/4 inches. The fabulous finish is gloss, with a natural colour and the Tobacco Sunburst option. The case is included.

The great sustain

The mid-low tone is incredibly percussive, with an enormous volume. The mid-range emphasis is absolute, but we know it, Taylor is famous for this. It is perfect for chords and Fingerpicking. The sound produced from this jewel is clean, really rich of harmonics and with a great sustain. Tone is much balanced and capable to play everything. The playability is absolutely the Top. The price, approximately 2700 Euros, is rather important.


General characteristics

The wood used for the Top is the Sitka Spruce, that came in to favour again after a period in which it was replaced with the Red Spruce. Let's say immediatly that all the woods are truly of high quality. It can quickly be noticed watching the Top grains, constant and narrow. The bands and the bottom are realized in Indian Rosewood, much compact, in fibers and color. The neck is realized in an only piece of Mahogany, much luminous, light and porous. The keyboard is in Ebony, of high quality. The body is compact and comfortable. Frets are of medium size, perfectly realized, while the truss-rod regulation is at the headstock. Concerning this we must say that the solution of the truss-rod regulation at the headstock, in the last years, has been progressively replaced with an inner regulation, in the body, while Taylor follows the classic road, the regulation at the headstock. However, everything works perfectly. The machine heads are the usual Grover, sealed and golden, truly of high quality and much accurate in the regulations. The painting is extraordinary. Thin, crystalline and perfectly absorbed from the superficial layer of the wood.

A great harmonics quantity

It owns an excellent dynamics and turns out much sensitive to the touch. Aggressive or sweet, depending on the player will. In the accompaniment, there are not volume imbalances between high and bass frequencies, but a remarkable sound homogeneity. The pre-amplification system, a Fishman Prefix Onboard Blender, is equipped with a transducer and a microphone, inner to the body. Obviously, there is an elegant and luxury case.


General specifications

A mix of perfectly aged woods. Indian Rosewood, Sitka Spruce, Tropical American Mahogany, Ebony, Abalone for the soundhole rosette and Maple for the binding.
The excellent gloss finish for top and for back and sides ensures a great durability and resistance and gives to the 816CE a beautiful and lustrous look, very pleasant and important.

A difficult task

The Taylor Expression System is capable to reproduce a great part of the native tone and this isn't an easy task. The dynamic sensors make really a very good job and the onboard controls let you optimize the final result.

Really pleasant

Round lows, a remarkable sustain and a smooth decay. It creates a very balanced sound, and all notes are detailed and perfectly audible.

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