3 options for the top

It comes with an Engelmann Spruce top but you can choose, with an additional cost, between Western Red Cedar and Sitka spruce. Obviously, the overall tone will change according to the wood of the top.

Much quality

The Engelmann Spruce produces a rich responsiveness and a great clarity of the sound. Compared to a Sitka spruce top the tone is a bit smoother. My opinion is that with an Engelmann Spruce top it is perfect for the fingerpicking. The Rosewood of back and sides generates a full-bodied and warm sound. I have to say that the mix between the Engelmann Spruce and the Rosewood is really pleasant. An added value of this instrument is that the natural volume is remarkable but the tone isn't woody and every note turns out definite.
The low action and the ebony fingerboard make it really easy to play, very comfortable.


Yes, it's expensive but it cannot disappoint the exacting guitarist. Perfect for the fingerpicking but it can play everything. A good purchase.


The volume is extraordinary

The body width is 16", the depth is 4 5/8" and the length is 20". The main added value of the Grand Auditorium shape is the flexibility, with the addition of a great natural volume, really remarkable. So it can play a large variety of styles and this is the reason that made the Grand Auditorium shape a bestselling.

The Engelmann Spruce

Top in Engelmann Spruce that is slightly different from the Sitka. As regards the tone the Engelmann delivers a richer midrange than Sitka, so a more classical and sweet sound.

The Expression System

Expression System

An amplification system that consists in an acoustic pickup and a preamp with 3 controls: Volume, bass and treble.
The main objective of Taylor with the Expression System is to produce the pure signal of the natural sound, not of the pickup. The result is that the Expression System pickup works like a microphone and makes an excellent job.

General opinion

The flexibility and the remarkable volume, but also a beautiful look, are the main characteristics of this instrument. If the price isn't a problem for you the 714ce is a great acoustic guitar.

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