Cutaway Dreadnought

It can be considered the basic between the professional instruments. Compared with the 410CE the only important difference is the body wood, Sapele for the 310CE, Ovangkol for the 410CE. All the other elements are the same, included the Expression System, a pickup and a Fishman preamp for the electrification.
It is a Cutaway Dreadnought with a gloss top finish and comes with a good case.

The Sapele

The Sapele is a quality wood with tonal characteristics similar to Mahogany, but it's a cheaper wood than the Mahogany, thanks to its diffusion.


Perhaps at the same price we can find on the market a superior product, but Taylor is a guarantee.



The 12-string of the series

It is a 12-string acoustic, a particular instrument with a good tone and the classic perfection in the construction that made Taylor famous in the world.

The special top

The inner side of the top is made with a particular technique that prevent the distortion of the top. A 12-string generates a superior tension of the top and a similar construction is necessary.


Like every 12-string acoustic guitar, it delivers a brilliant and clear sound with a good natural volume, thanks to the Grand Symphony body.


The price is excessive. Obviously, a Taylor is an added value if you want to sell it in a second moment and we must consider this fact.

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