McCarty ArchTop/Angelus

McCarty ArchTop/Angelus

McCarty ArchTop

The list of PRS customers is long and prestigious. Undoubtedly, the most important name is that of Carlos Santana, one of the first musicians to understand the great value of the PRSs. Generally, the semi-acoustic sector has always been dominated by Gibson, but when PRS makes something, it makes it very well.

General characteristics and Woods

The headstock is realized in three pieces and shows the Paul Reed Smith in relief inscription, gilded. The keyboard is in Rosewood, 22 frets, with some pearl inserts, while the neck is realized in an only piece of Mahogany and is glued to the body. The Top, slightly rounded, is in solid Red Spruce, with the bands and the bottom in Mahogany.


The humbucker controls are two, one for the volume and another for the tone. The selector is to three positions. The natural volume, not amplified, is shocking, thanks to the excellent wood and a good project. When you connect it to an amplifier, the qualities become immediately obvious. The sound is powerful, warm, truly rich of harmonics and much defined. It doesn't emerge a particular frequency, but is present the entire range. The demonstration that the qualities of this Paul Reed Smith come from woods and a good project, moving the selector in other positions and passing therefore to the other pickup the sound doesn't change so much, while varies only the frequency response, that turns out sweeter, with the neck pickup, and more definite with the bridge pickup. Using them together you can obtain a more acoustic and balanced tone. The keyboard is truly comfortable, in spite of the strings thickness.


An excessive price

The list price is 6100 Euros. Too much. Yes, it is made with excellent woods. Finish is really fabulous and the sound is of high quality. Customization is complete and it can be also electrified. But with 6100 Euros you can buy three quality guitars. Not only one!

Frontal image


The headstock is really well made.



The job on the sides explains, better than everything, the great care that this company put in the realization of this instrument.

Back and Sides

The soul is American

Tone is American, with deep basses and sweet trebles. Balanced and much definite. Every single note is easily recognizable and clear. I repeat what i have said at the beginning of this review. My opinion is that the price is excessive.

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