Digitech Live FX Multieffects Review

Live FX

All the necessary is available

A modern product with a good quality of the effects, and some very interesting functions. Everything is immediately accessible, and the early setup is really easy and fast. The Lexicon Reverbs and the Dbx Compression are an important added value.

Main features

The front panel with the buttons and the knobs for the functions

Let's see the main characteristics of the Live FX. Notwithstanding the very compact size, this Digitech product puts a good number of options at user disposal, and offers a remarkable flexibility during the job.

  • Studio quality vocal effects
  • Harmony, Pitch/FX, Distortion/Filter, Modulation, Delay, dbx® Compression and Lexicon® Reverbs.

  • Gold Channel
  • Substantially, a global effect. It can be activated in real-time with a dedicated button.

  • Anti-Feedback
  • An automatic function for the Feedback suppression with the use of 12 different filters.

  • 70 second looper
  • An infinite number of Overdubs, with the Undo/Redo function. The looper is placed at the end of the signal chain, so every Overdub can be recorded with a different effect. It can be enabled with a dedicated footswitch.

  • Sound Check
  • The user can record a phrase that can be used as a pattern to edit effects parameters.

  • Live Adapt
  • A real-time function that can detect various parameters, like key, scale and song's tempo. The active effect, the noise gate levels and the harmony settings will be automatically adapted to these parameters.

  • Presets
  • The Live FX provides 99 presets for the user, and 99 programmed from the factory. Later we will see the dedicated software for the management of this section.

  • Set Lists
  • Very useful. This function creates a list of presets, up to twenty. So the user can easily access to the necessary presets, during a performance, simply pressing a button.

  • Phantom Power
  • Necessary if you have a condenser microphone.

  • Librarian Software
  • For the backup and the management of presets and set lists. It is available for PC and Mac.

    The main window of the librarian software

The rear panel

Complete and flexible

As we can see in the image above, all the necessary is available. The Aux In for the connection of an external player, a dedicated knob for the adjusting of the gain of the Mic In (XLR input), two outputs, the Line Out/Headphones, the jack for an external footswitch, the USB port for the firmware update, and for the use of the Librarian software, and, obviously, the jack for the power supply, included in the box.

Final opinion

The Live FX price, about 200 euros, is proportioned to the value of this Digitech device. The effects quality is really very good, above all the Reverbs, but not only. Some interesting functions make the job and the setup much fast and easy. A good product.

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