Boss VE-5 Multieffects Review


Useful and with all the necessary

Today we will see an interesting Boss device, the VE-5, a small and portable vocal processor that can be very useful for singers and for anyone wants to have fun with vocal sounds.
The battery operation, the built-in looper and the excellent effects quality are the main characteristics.

The internal mic and the auxiliary input

Obviously, it features a dedicated input with Phantom Power for condenser microphones, but this device provides also a built-in mic for a fast and immediate use.
The AUX IN allows the connection of an external device, as an MP3 player or any other device, to sing on a base.

The user can save up to 50 patches

30 sounds specifically designed for the voice, but the user can save up to 50 patches in the internal memory. In addition the VE-5 features a FAVORITE function, that can be activated to quickly call up those that are most used.

Classic and innovative at the same time

Together with the classic options for the voice, like Reverb or Delay, this device is equipped also with some effects that can drastically change the processed signal, as Double/Harmonizer or Strobe.

The built-in looper

It cannot record a signal from the AUX IN, and provides up to 38 seconds of recording time. An important thing: the VE-5 Vocal Performer cannot save the loops created from the user, so these will be lost when the device will be turned off. Certainly, a limit.

Power supply

It works with 4 AA batteries, included in the box, but they can be also rechargeable, and, obviously, with an AC Adaptor. In the manual Boss explains that the power consumption is relatively high, above all with the Phantom Power activated. Therefore, the use of the batteries must be considered possible only in some specific circumstances.

The substitution is simple and fast

Too much expensive, but good

The VE-5 Vocal Performer price, 220 euros, perhaps is excessive. The audio quality, i have to say, is remarkable, but some important limits, as we have said, exist. Anyhow, a good product.

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