Zoom MS-70CDR MultiStomp Multieffects Review

MS-70CDR MultiStomp


Let's see the most important technical characteristics.

A/D and D/A Conversion24bit, 128x
Sampling Frequency44.1kHz
Signal Processsing32bit
Frequency Response20Hz to 20kHz +1dB -3dB (10kO load)
Input impedance1 Mohm
Output impedance10 kOhms
Weight350g (without batteries)


50. They can be edited and saved with a new name. An automatic function saves the patch, with the same name, as soon as the user changes a parameter.


Let's see the list from the MS-70CDR manual. Positions from 41 to 50 are empty.

All the available options

Powerful, but with some limits

Notwithstanding the compact size it is a very powerful device, but, obviously, with some limitations. 86 effects, many of them emulate the sound of famous pedals and amps. Up to 6 simultaneously, but it depends on the maximum capacity of the processor. If the necessary power is excessive the MS-70CDR will exclude one or more effects. Patches can be arranged in any order.



The display shows a graphic representation of the effect characteristics, and the parameters values can be easily changed with the dedicated knobs below the display.

The Tail function

A very useful feature. Often, a great problem is that when we change a patch the preceeding effect stops immediatly. The Tail function avoids this annoying problem and generates a pleasant continuity when we change the patch.

3 different power options

The MS-70CDR can be powered with two AA/LR6 alkaline batteries, the AC adapter, or via the USB bus. The AC adapter, ZOOM AD-16, is sold separately.

Power supply

Manual and firmware

The manual explains all the functions, included the complete list of all the effects. The operation for the firmware update is easy and fast.

A very good quality/price ratio

The price, about 110 euros, makes this interesting Zoom device a good value product. The quality of the sound and the remarkable flexibility are the added values of the MS-70CDR. Much interesting.

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