Zoom MS-50G MultiStomp Multieffects Review

MS-50G MultiStomp

Really interesting

It provides, in a very compact size, all the necessary for the guitarist, with an extraordinary flexibility and the power of the new Zoom DSP, the ZFX-IV. This new 32-bit processor is an important innovation, and delivers a large number of quality sounds.
It is a pedal with an excellent price.


Small, but with many things

55 effects and amp models. Some of them are emulations of famous pedals and amplifiers. You can see the complete list in the specifications page of the MS-50G on the Zoom website.

Up to 6 simultaneous

It's incredible, but with the dimension of a stompbox it allows the use of 6 effects simultaneously, and the user can arrange them in any combination. Really, i don't know if exists a similar product on the market, at the moment.


Amps List

8 emulated models suitable to many different genres. Now we can see the list of the available options

FD COMBOFender Twin Reverb '65
US BLUESFender Tweed Bassman (Crunch)
TW ROCKTwo Rock Emerald 50 (Crunch/Drive)
DZ DRIVEDiezel Herbert (High Gain)
DELUXE-RFender Deluxe Reverb '65
VX JMIBritish Combo (Class-A)
MS 1959Marshall 1959 Plexi '69
ALIENEngl Invader (High Gain)

List (Categories)

  • Dynamic/Filter
  • Compressors, noise reduction, attack, equalization, wah, a module to organize how the guitar signal works in the effects chain, and some filters.

  • Drive
  • 12 distortions, overdrives and boosters. Simulations of the Ibanez TS808, Boss DS-1, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, Matchless Hotbox, Boss OD-1, MXR distortion+, ProCo Rat, Boss Metal Zone.

  • Mod/Sfx
  • 13 modulations.

  • Delay/Reverb
  • 10 for delay and reverb.

Manual and Firmware

The manual explains all the functions and lists all the amp models, and the effects, with an exhaustive explanations of every patch.
With the USB the firmware upgrade is fast and easy.


Other reviews

Effects (Pedals and Floorboards)

  • Distortion | Boss

    It is equipped with a new circuit, called Dual-Stage. Thanks to the new electronics it produces an excellent Overdrive, with a great sustain, really long, and a perfect compression.

  • ME-20
  • Floorboards | Boss

    All the most used effects for guitar: Overdrive, Distortion, Phaser, Flanger, Delay, Tremolo, Rotary and Chorus. It sounds well, it is very easy to use and the knobs allow a fast modification of the patches in realtime.

  • OD-1
  • Distortion | Boss

    If you play classic Rock or Blues, it is for you. It can really recreate the typical atmospheres of the '70s. An important thing is that exist many different versions, depending on the used chip.

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