Zoom MS-100BT MultiStomp Multieffects Review

MS-100BT MultiStomp

Bluetooth and compatibility with iOS devices

It is the twin of the MS-50G, a very interesting product that can use many virtual effects and amplifiers. All this in a compact stompbox, but remarkably flexible. The main difference between the two devices is that it features the Bluetooth connection and can be controlled with an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod touch. In addition it can use the free iOS StompShare app to buy new patches.


As we have said the two devices are the same thing, but with different characteristics, while the electronics is absolutely the same. Let's see the differences between these two Zoom products.


100 for the MS-100BT, 55 for the MS-50G. Both can use 6 effects simultaneously and the order can be completely controlled and stored in a patch. The parameters can be controlled with three knobs and the help of a large display that shows the physical controls.



It features two 1/4" inputs, 1 for the MS-50G. The impedance is the same.


The most important difference between the two devices is the connection type. Bluetooth for the MS-100BT, USB for the twin.



The upgrade is really easy and fast. The user can see the current version in the menĂ¹.

The menĂ¹ shows the current version of the internal software


This app can be used to buy new patches and for the firmware update.

StompShare is the available app


Really interesting but, at present, it can be used only with an iOS device. Anyhow, a very interesting product. Like always, with the Zoom products, the price, 120 euros is excellent. The MS-100BT is a very modern multi-effects, technologically advanced. All this in a very compact size. And the overall quality is very good.

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