Zoom G9.2tt Multieffects Review


2 12AX7

Two tubes produce a warm and rich sound, really dynamic and with many harmonics. This Zoom product can be connected directly to an amp, a recorder, or the PC, thanks to the presence of the USB connection. With the help of a Boost control the user can easily exalt the general level of highs and lows. The Energizer is a very interesting function that elaborates the output signal. This floorboard is certainly for those who are looking for a device with a character and a soul, and not the usual product on the market, maybe of good quality, but banal.

A double algorithm

The internal signal can be created with two different algorithms, one suitable to a live context, and one specific for the Studio. If we want we can say that one is valid if we send the signal in a guitar amplifier, while the other is perfect for a digital recorder. These algorithms are enabled by the Cabinet & Mic function.

Innovation and modernity

The heart of the G9.2tt is the ZFX-3 chip, the latest innovation of the Zoom technology. This 32-bit processor delivers a sound of great quality, and turns out fast and much detailed in the signal processing. It can produce a large effects number that are organized in various modules. We will see them successively.

The perfect mix between digital and analog

The analog circuit uses a 12AX7 tube, so the sound turns out warm and with a great number of harmonics like in a tube amp, but all this is handled by an high quality DSP with an internal processing of 32-bit, and the system provides a sampling frequency of 96khz and a 24-bit conversion (A/D and D/A). Substantially, this Zoom floorboard offers the best of the two worlds.

Patches and modules

120 effects organized in 10 modules that can be used simultaneously. The user can choose between various distortions, three choruses, seven reverbs, tremolo, pitch shifter, delays and so on. Everything is of great quality and largely editable, the control is total and the versatility is guaranteed. Obviously, a small experience with the user interface of the G9.2tt is necessary, but everything is fast and easy. In addition there are 100 ready to use preset patches that simulate many famous amps and some rather interesting stomp boxes.

Two channels for the pre-amp section

The modules for the equalization and the pre-amp section put two channels at disposal, with some dedicated knobs for the parameters, that make the shaping of the sound easy and fast. The user can easily alternate between a clean Fender and a Marshall lead. The ZFX-3 chip is much fast and it works without any pause between a selection and the other.

A dedicated frequency response

Zoom has equipped this floorboard with many interesting functions. One of these is the possibility of choosing the connected amplifier type. Thanks to this feature the G9.2tt can be matched with a large number of devices, like a Fender combo or a Marshall stack, with the advantage of an optimized frequency response. In addition, it owns a switch for the output level that provides up to -10 dBm/+4 dBm, so it can be used as a pre or inserted in an additional signal processor.

Final opinion

The two 12AX7 tubes work very well and generate an excellent sound, with all the typical characteristics of a tube amp, above all the abundant harmonics, and everything is handled by an high quality chip. The result is that the G9.2tt can be considered a very valid multi-effects with a good quality/price ratio.

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