Zoom G7.1ut Multieffects Review


The project is interesting

The electronic circuit, completely analog, uses a 12AX7 tube. It creates a sound with a pleasant crunch and many harmonics. Warm and transparent. Effects are produced by the ZFX-3 DSP, a 32-bit chip designed by Zoom. Much detailed. The signal is clear and crystalline. The final result is perfect, if we want, the ideal mix: an analog soul inside a digital context. Modernity and tradition at the same time.

The flexibility is total

It is equipped with a preamp section that provides two channels. This feature makes easy the creation of a patch with two different options, for example, one for the rhythmics and one for a solo. The user can alternate the channels simply through the built-in pedals. Easy and fast. This floorboard has been designed to be used like an amplifier, so it provides a user interface with a good quantity of knobs and buttons. In addition it features two algorithms for the live and for the direct recording, so to match the signal to various devices and different contexts. But it's not all. It is equipped with a function to optimize the frequency response. Moreover, there is the -10 dBm/+4 dBm switch. It adapts the output level to different devices. As we can see, the G7.1ut is completely flexible and versatile. It can be used in many manners, always with the best setup. For an expert guitarist this is, certainly, an important added value.

160 patches

80 preset and 80 for the user. The selection speed is really incredible, only 7ms. The simulation of the amplifiers among the best products on the market (various types, combo, cabinet, so on), and of many famous pedals, is of great quality. Obviously, are available a large number of effects. Moreover, the presence of the most important parameters allows a deep editing and a complete optimization of the patches. All the necessary for a good job is available.

The modules

The 92 effects are organized in 9 modules. Obviously, they cover all the possible requirements of the modern guitarist. This is the list of the available sections: COMP, WAH/EFX1, ZNR, PRE AMP, EQ, CABINET, MOD/EFX2, DELAY and REVERB.

Final conclusions

In a completely analog context the G7.1ut produces a warm and very pleasant sound. The digital signal, rather advanced and powerful, thanks to the new chip, is crystalline and clean. I have to say that i'm a Zoom fan. In my opinion this company makes some excellent products, they are modern and always with an important technological rate, among other things at a good price, and the G7.1ut is certainly a very good device. The 12AX7 tube is an added value, effects are of excellent quality and satisfy all the necessities of the modern guitarist, the floorboard turns out really flexible and, in addition, with a nice look. The final opinion can be only extremely positive.

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