Zoom G5 Multieffects Review


The evolution

Really an excellent device, an advanced multi-effects with a lot of features that allow a total control of the sound, but with an easy to use and modern interface. It can be considered the evolution of the renowned G3, another excellent Zoom product. The new ZFX-IV processor is the heart of this interesting floorboard.


The user interface

It allows the use of nine simultaneous patches, between the 120 emulated pedals and the 140 effects that it offers. The user interface has been planned to be a mix between virtual and physical controls. 4 sections, each one with a display, a footswitch for the activation of the patches and three physical knobs for the parameters adjusting.

Front Panel

Amps list

The emulated amps and the associated cabinets.

FD COMBOFender Twin Reverb '652x12" Jensen
DELUXE-R// Deluxe Reverb1x12" //
FD VIBRO// Vibroverb '632x10" //
US BLUES// Tweed Bassman4x10" //
VX COMBOBritish Combo2x12" Celestion Alnico
VX JMICombo2x12" //
BG CRUNCHMesa Boogie MkIII1x12" Electro Voice
BG DRIVE// Dual Rectifier4x12" Celestion
MATCH 30Matchless DC302x12" //
CAR DRIVECarr Mercury1x12" Eminence
TW ROCKTwo Rock Emerald 501x12" Fane
TONE CITYCabinet4x12" //
HW STACKHiwatt Custom 1004x12" //
TANGERINEOrange Graphic 1204x12" Celestion
B-BREAKERMarshall Bluesbreaker2x12" //
MS CRUNCH// 19594x12" //
MS 1959// 1959 B4x12" //
MS DRIVE// JCM20004x12" //
BGN DRIVEBogner Ecstasy4x12" //
DZ DRIVEDiezel Herbert4x12" //
ALIENEngl Invader4x12" //
REVO-1Krank Revolution 1 Plus4x12" Eminence

The patches list in the manual

Every effect is completely explained in the manual. Look at this example.

Every parameter is explained in detail

Special features

The Tube Booster footswitch is an additional feature of the G5 that can be used to add extra power to the sound. This control can add up to 16dB, and a dedicated knob for the tone adjusts the equalization.
The Z-pedal can be considered a real innovation. 20 effects can be controlled with an innovative system. It can be pressed up and down or moved side to side. Moreover, the user can assign up to 3 parameters for a total control.

This system is a real innovation

A complete set of outputs

It features a complete set of outputs that allow the use of the floorboard in many different contexts. A balanced XLR can be used to connect the floorboard directly to a recorder or a mixer, and the useful Pre/Post switch can divide the signal. The effected sound goes directly to the main outputs while the original, the guitar, goes to the XLR and is not processed by the A/D converter.
Moreover, it can be used as a pure pre and connected directly to an amp input.

Much flexible, as regards the possible connections

Bundle software

With Edit&Share the user can easily manage all the patches and can share all the settings with other users. It is for PC and MAC.
With Cubase LE the G5 offers a good solution for the home recording.

Software in bundle

Firmware Update

Easy and fast. In the page of the Zoom website for the software download you can read all the instructions.

It is worth how much it costs

A very valuable product, certainly modern and complete. Like always, the electronics quality is excellent, like the flexibility. The G5 price, 230 euros, in my opinion is justified.

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